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I helped t-shirt

She Works Austin believes that every woman is created in the image of God, and with a purpose. So we welcome opportunities to give back to our community, to sow seeds, to empower the next generation of women, and to help reach women in our communities who are in need.

Today, there are thousands of women and children at our Texas border in need of our support, so we're raising funds with our "I helped" t-shirts.

The design is inspired by the many rosaries that have been confiscated from people fleeing violence and death. We've turned it into a symbol of female empowerment to inspire us to rise up for our fellow Mothers, Daughters, and Families!

Partnering with Austin Uniform Shop, every penny will be donated directly to the ACLU and TogetherRising, to aid reunification efforts for children in detention camps. Proceeds will help to inspect and investigate abuse, interview the children, remove them to protect their health and safety, and build legal cases to demand these atrocities end. Click the link below to buy your “I helped” t-shirt.


She Works Austin is a faith-based community of women entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent contractors who support each other to passionately pursue making a living doing what they love.  


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I'm thankful for so many blessings and support in my life. …I want to make a special shout out to Myra Zapata and Ieshia Kinney for their support to me and Jamsz Konnections! If you are a female entrepreneur and you're looking for a place to feel supported and welcome, I highly recommend that you check out She Works Austin! These ladies and their members are AMAZING!
- Bobbie James


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