Help! I Feel Stuck in My Business


Having a small business contains many rough patches that you won’t know until you finally make the plunge. You may find that your initial drive wears off as stress kicks in and you realize this isn’t really what you had hoped for. Perhaps you are now daydreaming of going back to the normalcy of a 9-5. But you know you worked so hard to get to the place where you are and deep down inside you don’t want to work for someone else. This isn’t the freedom you had imagined. You feel stuck and are wondering what’s going on!

Remember it isn’t about your business, it’s about you. The frustration you feel is most likely a result of losing sight of your original vision. I’m not necessarily talking about the vision of your business, but the vision of your life.

A Vision and Passion will Move You to Action

A vision is what you see yourself doing. Passion is what you love. When you have passion and a vision, you will move forward joyfully because you see the bigger picture. However, when you get bogged down in the small details of day-to-day emails, client calls, appointments, stress comes in and it’s easy to forget why you started at all.

Take some time away from the hustle and bustle to figure out who you are, what you love, and what you really want to do to contribute to others. Think about what brings you the most happiness. What are things you wish you could do if there were no monetary limitations or time restraints?

Tips to Get Past “Business Block”

Too busy? Slow down. If you’re overbooked and can barely breathe between projects, it may be best to slow down to reclaim your life. You will not feel anymore “free” running your own business as you did working for someone else if you allow your business to take over your life. You should be running your business. Don’t allow it to run you! Take a break to reaccess your business and your dreams.

Realign your business. If you find your business is getting off track from your original vision, try realigning it. Sometimes we settle for what is in front of us, instead of pressing on to what we truly desire. If we settle, we certainly won’t feel satisfied.

Start a new business. If you’re just totally unhappy with your current business try starting a new one on the side. You may even find your excitement for this new endeavor plunges you through a difficult time and brings clarity in a time of confusion.

Make a change. If you’re unhappy about it, do something about it. There are many things in our lives that we are unhappy with or complain about and yet we have the ability to change it or do something to make it better. Don’t feel like you can’t change what you do because that is what people have titled you or what you have been known as. You are more than a title, you are more than a system. What matters is that you let your vision and passion shape how you work and live.

Written by Ieshia Kinney, Visual Designer