2019 Board of Directors


Why do you serve on the Board?

Myra Zapata, Chair

“As a business owner, I have to create what I need because I'm work for myself not a corporation where they tell me what our vision is and what our goals are. I need the support of other like minded professionals and I know we are better together. I have to be proactive in creating an environment that encourages and supports me. Taking a leadership role in this organization will help me and other women like me. “

Rebecca Diana, Vice-Chair

“She Works Austin is an empowered community of women who come together in a spirit of Divine Sisterhood. It’s been an honor and an absolute delight to connect with women who are supporting each other passionately and unconditionally. As a Life Coach, I know that two heads are better than one, and a supportive community is priceless! I serve on the board of She Works Austin, because I want to be a part of this awe-inspiring legacy of women supporting women, and while I'm at it, have a blast playing, inspiring, learning, and achieving our goals together."

Joyce Garcia, Women’s Outreach

“As a leader of my team in my business I live by the quote "We rise by lifting others up" and having a servant heart. She Works Austin's mission is truly in alignment with this and I serve on the board to make a difference in other women's lives and to help build them up in the process. Building relationships, experiencing life together and not just being referral business partners is what I love about She Works.”

Candace Perez, Treasurer

Carmen Hernandez, Executive Administrator