Ieshia Kinney


Hello there! I'm Ieshia, the brand stylist and visual designer behind Ever Amor Design—a branding boutique in Austin, TX. I'm overjoyed to work with you and help you build your brand! 

Since high school I’ve dreamt of having my own business. I knew that I wanted to do something creative. I received my bachelor's in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University in Baltimore, MD. 

After several years of in-house design and marketing, I decided to start my own design businesses. I love seeing the entire visual experience come together—from the logo, to the website, to patterns, to an email or a postcard. There is a story behind your company or product and each piece plays a role in communicating that message. I am here to help you communicate effectively and bring your visions to life. So thank you for letting Ever Amor Design take part in your story!

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Phone: 512-522-6758