Debbie Wooldridge


My name, Deborah, means “the bee,” so Bee You is the name of my business.

I retired as an Occupational Therapist after 25+ years of practice. I joined Rodan & Fields Skincare a year later when I realized I still wanted to earn my own paycheck.

Growing up I never thought I was pretty. My sisters had natural beauty and I was never noticed. Once I went to church with toothpaste on several of my zits because someone told me it dried them out. Of course, no one said anything which just added to my low self-esteem. As I got older I was even teased for being flat chested. I was what God made me so there were not a lot of options.

I was not an A student, heck I was not even a B- student. This I knew I could improve with hard work. I studied hard and ultimately completed a Masters in Allied Health with Honors. I was blessed to marry a man who not only thought I was beautiful but loves me beyond my flaws.

I calculated that I have worked out (worked my body) for over 35 years. Exercise has been a great booster to my self-esteem.

Through the years, I tried all kind of skincare products (including toothpaste), but my sensitive skin and I were never really happy with my results. Most recently, I was blessed to discover Rodan & Fields Skincare.  R+F Skincare products helped me look better and ultimately allowed me to feel more confident. I really feel that if people see healthy skin in the mirror they feel healthy too.

This is why I became a R+F consultant. I know there are other people like me, people who feel they will never match the “Cover Girl” image. These products and this business make me feel like I only have to live up to what God gave me. I am treating my skin with the right ingredients to look, and “bee” healthy.

Phone: 317.361.6946