Earnie Williams

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After leading the Lady Longhorns basketball team as co-captain for 4 years, I played professionally abroad for seven years. I’ve competed in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ecuador, Romania, France, China, Sweden, and Australia. I have learned from top coaches in Europe and USA. I've been blessed to play against and along side some of the best American and international players in the world. Growing up, I played basketball at every high level there was as a young athlete to a professional athlete. I earned accolades such as Oklahoma's High school player of the year, Oklahoma Gatorade player of the year, a McDonald's All American team member (Top 24 in the country), and a 18 under USA team finalist. I was also a 4 year starter and All-State finalist for both volleyball and basketball in High School.

I have been training youth athletes for the past 8 years and have worked many camps in the state of Texas, out of state, and internationally. I have been a developer for Austin Wildcats basketball program, a coach for Team Xpress, Texas Elite girls AAU team, and camp counselor for University of Texas girls basketball camps. I struggled repeatedly with injuries during my career, so my focus has been on ways to efficiently prevent injuries.

Right now, I enjoy shocking people while they workout! I am a NEUBIE injury rehab specialist, I use an electrical modality, called the NEUBIE, to find the origins of injury, pain, and to enhance performance. With this type of therapy I help people recover from injuries 50% faster than with traditional physical therapy. Healing injuries like neck pain, low back pain, shoulder instability, joint pain, hip/knee replacements, arthritis, pulled muscles, hernias, and bulging discs. I hope to give people strategic injury recovery, athletic performance coaching, and the psychological support they need to compete at their full potential and enjoy movement in the world without pain! Hope to work with you soon!


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