Elizabeth Guadalupe


Hello there, my name is Elizabeth. I’m an aspiring fashion and runway model. My passion lies in the modeling and fashion industry. Since I was a young girl I’ve been told that I possess traits to succeed as a model, but I lacked the motivation and assurance to pursue this dream. I have now actively began my journey in this field. I built the confidence to put myself out there and participate in high exposure events. I’ve been selected walk in various fashion shows throughout Texas and in New York. I was part of fashion weeks at Austin, TX and at New York City, NY. I’ve worked with exceptional photographers, and learned to embrace being in front of the camera. I have gained significant experience while working with designers from all around the world, the media, and notable fashion productions. I enjoy representing and displaying designer’s creations while expressing my unique style. I’m committed to continue on this journey and gain further experience as I show my work through this form of artistry.

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