Joyce Garcia

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I am an independent life insurance agent specializing in living benefits with Premier Financial Alliance.

I believe in having a well-balanced life which includes spiritual well-being, health & wellness and self-improvement. I attend boot camp at Camp Gladiator and enjoy reading motivational books. I attend classes and conferences, and am involved in my church as well as neighborhood groups that help me grow overall and more importantly help me glorify God.

I’ve been married to an amazing man since May 2000 and we have a beautiful daughter plus a super sweet fur baby.

I got involved in the life insurance industry after my mom was diagnosed with cancer and she had to stop working but her bills kept coming. She could no longer support herself and we ended up moving her to Texas to live with us. I wish I had known about living benefits before she was diagnosed and her financial situation would have been different. Too many people end up losing their savings and sometimes their property because they didn't know they had options.

I want  to educate you on how to protect your family and your assets when you get sick or injured, to show you how you can get the most money for your retirement and to make sure your family will be taken care of if you die too soon.

Phone: 512-767-3497