KC Plank


Hi, my name is KC Plank and I’m an Austinite! I grew up in Lago Vista, went away to attend Tarleton State University, and then moved right to Austin and have been enjoying it ever since.

I am thrilled to be working for a company that cares about the success of this great city. My role with Insperity as a Business Performance Advisor goes hand in hand with the company’s Mission Statement - To help businesses succeed so communities prosper. I meet with small to medium sized business owners to understand their specific needs and provide them with HR resources that are competitive to those of a Fortune 500 company. We provide a wide range of business performance solutions, enabling business owners to be more systematic and strategic about the role people play in the success of a company. Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000 Insperity’s business solutions are tailored to helping you run your business more efficiently. Insperity was a household name for me when growing up. Having had the opportunity to see firsthand what the company can do for families and our community across many playing fields I now look forward to being a part of even more success stories!

 I look forward to meeting you and being a resource in any way I can!

Phone: 512-663-6545
Website: Insperity Follow: Facebook  Instagram