Lili Campuzano


Hola Hola, I am Lili Campuzano, a bilingual Certified Personal Trainer. I believe that our body is our temple, we are only given one in this lifetime, so why not cherish, nourish and take care of it!

I began my fitness journey after I suffered an injury to my shoulder 4 years ago. Through my own research for recovery, I fell in love with fitness and strength training and decided to make my new found passion a career. In my years of training I have helped my clients overcome weigh loss barriers, increased their overall strength and assisted clients with post rehabilitation exercise programs following an injury or surgery.

If your goal is to increase overall conditioning, improve physical stamina, elevate your metabolism, enhance flexibility, and increase overall strength I am here to help you achieve those goals and push you every step of the way.

Join me and together we can build a stronger and healthier body!

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