Maria Salazar

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Hi! My name is María. I am a co-owner of Balcón217 here in the Austin area.  Together, my husband Adrian and I, founded our business to help small businesses tell their story. We passionately believe that any business that is looking to grow should have a message and presence that establishes a human connection with their customers. We focus on strategic branding and online experiences that communicate a solution for the needs of those whom you serve.

Austin has been home for us since 2001 and we have been in the marketing and branding arena for a combined 20 plus years. We decided to use our creative, analytical, and strategic skills for the purpose of helping Austin business owners grow their business because we ourselves, had the desire to start our own business.

What is the story behind our name?

Balcón is the Spanish word for “balcony”. The world has witnessed many historical speeches and announcements from the heights of a balcony. Popes, presidents, and royalty speak from a balcony while the world anticipates a hand wave or words from them. We also can’t forget that many a serenade in romantic movies features a beautiful love story with the balcony as the setting. Your business deserves the proper balcony to tell your story from.  Plus, the best views are from the balcony!

The 217 in our name comes from 2 Timothy 1:7 (For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control) This scripture has constantly reminded us that there is power in telling our story and sharing our journey. We must proceed forward with courage and love in telling that story for the purpose of helping others.  Our mission at Balcón217 is to help you tell your story from the balcony - fearlessly and with confidence.

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