The Invisibly Aligned Smile

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Hi, I’m Dr. Yashu Singh. I’m an Invisibly Aligned’s orthodontist, Diamond+ Invisalign® provider who has treated thousands of happy Invisalign patients in central Texas.  You’re going to feel gorgeous when you’re done. You’ll be happy with your results—I guarantee it!

Don't overpay for the smile of your dreams. Invisibly Aligned helps you smile with confidence by correcting your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners. What's more, it's 50% more affordable than anywhere else in Austin.

It's not too good to be true. You'll utilize virtual dental appointments, rather than coming into the office every month. We do more Invisalign than 99% of the country which gives us a huge discount on Invisalign. And we pass those savings onto you!

If you want a beautiful smile, you can get it discreetly and affordably at Invisibly Aligned.

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