Our Story


Myra zapata, founder

I am a believer that we’re “better together.” I have been involved in my church’s women’s ministry, Sisterhood, for several years.  Sisterhood has created an environment where we support and encourage each other in our daily lives, we grow together and build lifelong friendships. I wanted to create the same kind of environment for my professional life. She Works Austin was created when I found the right partner, Ieshia Kinney.  Ieshia has since moved back home to be closer to her family but she has left her mark in Austin, Texas and we will always be grateful for her contributions. Our goal is to encourage women to pursue work doing what they love to do! I am a born entrepreneur, I have always wanted to work for myself, on my own terms. I want to be able to make my own schedule, I want to be home for my kids when they need me, I want to travel when I feel like it, I want to be in control of my professional life. Being an independent contractor isn’t easy but being in community with other women like me makes things better. I want to help women grow their businesses so they can have the freedom to work on their own terms too.