Our Story

Ieshia Kinney on left; Myra Zapata on right.

Ieshia Kinney on left; Myra Zapata on right.


Myra zapata, founder

I am a believer that we’re “better together.” I have been involved in my church’s women’s ministry, Sisterhood, for several years.  Sisterhood has created an environment where we support and encourage each other in our daily lives, we grow together and build lifelong friendships. I wanted to create the same kind of environment for my professional life. She Works Austin was created when I found the right partner, Ieshia Kinney. Together, and with the support of all the other women in SWA, we want to encourage women to pursue work doing what they love to do! I am a born entrepreneur, I have always wanted to work for myself, on my own terms. I want to be able to make my own schedule, I want to be home for my kids when they need me, I want to travel when I feel like it, I want to be in control of my professional life. Being an independent contractor isn’t easy but being in community with other women like me makes things better. I want to help women grow their businesses so they can have the freedom to work on their own terms too.

ieshia kinney, co-founder

We started She Works Austin in hopes of gathering a community of women business owners who support one another. I'm originally from the Washington, DC metro area and I relocated to Austin a few years ago to pursue opportunities in the creative services industry. After I started my graphic & web design business, Ever Amor Design, I realized that it is not easy to run your own business and that it is super important to be around other like-minded people. I really wanted to be around other women business owners who put God first. After praying, I went to a local coffee shop where I overheard Myra talking about starting a professional group for women. I asked if she could invite me to the first gathering—she did, and I've been here ever since working to grow the vision of She Works Austin!