We're your everyday woman who wants to build a sustainable lifestyle doing what she loves.



What We Desire

We’re a friendly group of go-getters, business builders, work-from-homers, and visionaries that come together to share experiences, inspire one another, and grow our businesses.

Our mission is to support and inspire women and provide opportunities for them to connect with those in need of their professional services.



What We Value


We believe what the bible teaches. We believe that every woman is created in the image of God, and with a purpose. We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing. Our meetings may begin with prayer, and we will continue to draw inspiration from biblical principals. You are welcome to join us, regardless of your religious beliefs.


We encourage not only professional growth, but overall well-being: spiritually, physically, and mentally. We believe the whole woman is important. In order to be the best you can be in your work, you need to take care of yourself first!

Family& Friends

We recognize women have a significant role in our families, communities, and workplaces. Many women desire to live a flexible lifestyle so that they can make more time for those they love and care for. We stand beside women as they use their gifts and talents to support their families. We value genuine relationships and lasting friendships.


We welcome opportunities to give back to our community through volunteering and mentoring. We want to sow seeds to empower the next generation of women, and to help reach women in our communities who are in need.